baloney sammich

This is just a small note that I have finally uploaded the Space Ghost pages to the site.  I guess I thought I uploaded them a long time ago.  Whoops. 😛

What should be the centerpiece of the website, the Council of Doom pages, are the only part that isn’t up.  I need to buckle down and work on them.  Someday~

I have also dug out my old scanner and, after much toiling and googling and cursing I have gotten it to work.  The scanner was a Christmas gift in 2012 (I think) that replaced my previous one when it broke.  I used it with my old desktop computer, which got me through all of college and then died shortly after receiving the new scanner (early 2013?)

Anyway, my new (well, 3 years old), laptop has the abomination known as Windows 8.  Epson says that the scanner is compatible with Windows 8, but the software it uses sure isn’t. 😛 I am using the generic Windows Fax utility to scan because that’s the only thing I can get to work.  I’m also trying to better learn Gimp so that I can piece my scans together and make them look nice, but it is just different enough from the old stolen Photoshop I used to use to be confusing.  It took me three hours to scan and edit one page.  Ugh.

comics yesss

Hell has frozen over: I have started drawing comics again!  Well, really, I never stopped thinking about new material, so I finally started to buckle down and start committing things to paper late last year.

I am drawing regularly again for the first time in a couple years, so I have a lot to work on in many respects.  I am doing the autobiographical stuff, which I would like to keep in primarily a print format, as well as a fictional story that I want to post online.  For right now I am reuploading some of my old material under the comics tab up above.

itazura na kiss


Look what finally arrived: the last two volumes of Itazura na Kiss! I can’t believe this day has come. I guess the last volume has been out since January, but I don’t follow manga stuff the way I used to.

Volume 10 came out in 2013, and everyone assumed that would be the last we could see of DMP’s non-porn books, but I am happily surprised. Kind of fitting, considering the way this series came to an untimely end. Now I have to go back and read it all from the beginning.

This brings the number of manga series I’m still buying back down to one: Kaze Hikaru. Will continue to google for a release date for Rose of Versailles every few months….