scanner dump

I finally hooked up the scanner and scanned the first chunk of pages for Overqualified.  I have discovered that my finished pages look horrible once scanned.  My newish scanner works a little too well in some ways (white-out shows up extremely obviously and has to be photoshopped out, thus rendering the white-out useless) and not so well in others.  I did the shading in these earlier pages using gray Copic markers, and thank goodness I decided to stop using these because the scanner does not pick the grays up evenly and the end result looks splotchy.

Anyway, here’s some more doodles from my sketchbook.  I scanned them this time!!

Little mini reviews of the pens I ordered last week, plus the Copic pens I have had for years thrown in for good measure.  The coloring of the text were tests to see if the ink would smear in conjunction with Copic markers.  The Pilot Drawing Pen was my favorite, but it doesn’t play well with Copics, so I’ve been using the other pens when doing color stuff. I have since learned that the Zig Mangaka and the Deleter Neopiko Line 3 are the exact same pen with different packaging, thus why they performed similarly. 😛

Since then I also got some Pigma Microns, primarily to use for shading.  I didn’t like them when I tried them years ago, but I like them now.  Surprise.  These also work pretty well with Copics, but nothing seems to be foolproof.

Here is an example. 😛  When I have problems with Copics making ink smudge, it’s almost always on eyes/faces.

More smearing.

This is a spoiler, but nobody is reading this, so meh. 😛

Susan attempts to help Cliff with homework.

Doodles of Susan and Cliff, plus bonus boring notes.

Mmmm, more spoilers.

Just a test to see how easily my non-photo blue pencil lines can be shooped out.  Turns out it’s pretty easy.

Gonna finish cleaning up comic pages and set up a page for Overqualified this week.  Yay!



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