After a nearly ten-year absence, my comics have returned to the Internet, along with new material. I’m bursting with joy.

  Hearts & Stars
Previously referred to as my “emo comics.”  These are just autobiographical/journal comics.  Ongoing off and on since 2006.
Susan is a librarian who lost her job when she was replaced by a volunteer.  She is forced to move halfway across the state to live with a friend and take a job in a call center.
Selected oldies:
Marguerite and Genevieve
A spinoff of Art Club (below).  Genevieve is a raging weeaboo and sucks her friend Marguerite into her weird obsession.
  Art Club
Deanna moves to a new town and starts dating Doug.  Then shefinds out that their mutual (male) friend is Doug’s ex.
Pathetic Aesthetic
I drew this in high school.  It’s pretty bad!  It’s endearing in its badness, though.