Art Club

Oh, Art Club, I love you, but you’re a convoluted mess.

I started writing this when I started getting into manga and wanted to do something with a similar structure.  The art improves a little as it goes, but it’s still pretty uneven. I’m only posting selections of it here.

The premise is that Deanna moves to Small Town from Big City in time to start her senior year of high school.  She likes to take pictures in her free time, and gets roped into joining the school’s art club by Doug, who lives in the other half of her family’s duplex.  The only other member of the club is Alex, a cute guy who Deanna is immediately attracted to.  Alex isn’t interested in her, but Doug is, so Doug and Deanna start dating.

Eventually Deanna learns that Alex is gay, and after that she finds out that Doug and Alex used to date.  Meanwhile, a fourth member joins the club (Genevieve the weeaboo stereotype), the club is tasked to paint a mural in the school hallway, and Deanna and Doug try to make plans for college.

After Art Club proper, I went on to do a few follow-up stories told from Alex’s point of view.  These are pretty sappy and I’m not super fond of them.

I also wrote some spinoff stories about the fourth club member Genevieve.  I still like these a lot.

Art Club and its spinoffs frequently deal with such subjects as relationships and sexuality, which are things that I didn’t have any real-life experience with at the time.  All these years later, I have come to the conclusion that I fall somewhere on the asexual spectrum, so even though I have a boyfriend, I still feel like an outsider looking in when talking about a lot of this stuff.  I have tried several times over the years to rewrite Art Club but at this point (in my 30s) I feel weird trying to write about teenagers and their bullshit. 😛

Here’s some art!