Marguerite and Genevieve

I had honestly forgotten about these stories, but I found them while poking through the hard drive where I store old stuff.  They are better than I remembered, though they mostly only exist in rough draft form.  They made me laugh, so maybe someone else will like them too.  Weeaboo stereotypes are still funny in 2017, right?

The first story “My Friend Genevieve” was originally done with thoughts of entering it in Tokyopop’s Rising Stars contest, if you can believe it.  I think it’s pretty funny, but this was from the days when I went nuts with doctoring up my art in Photoshop with fake screentones and custom brushes.  Thankfully, this phase didn’t last that long; I never got around to photoshopping the last two pages.

After this, I started a series about Genevieve and Marguerite as exchange students in Japan.  They meet two guys, Ken, who is the son of their host family, and Takashi is a neighbor.  Ken is very even-tempered and sweet, and Takashi is essentially the male version of Genevieve.  Marguerite has a crush on Ken, and it seems like maaaaybe he likes her too.  However, Genevieve like him, too, and she’s too overbearing for Marguerite to get a word in edgewise.  On top of that, Takashi ends up falling in love with Marguerite.  Ugh.

This story went by the wayside, in part because I was afraid of getting facts of Japanese culture wrong but also because by this time school was starting to kick my ass, and I was starting to focus on the autobiographical comics.

Here’s the first three pages of an aborted chapter in which our heroines make the trip.

And some rough drafts.  In this one, the girls (still in the states) try to bag a smexy azn dude on myspace:

In this one, they’re in Japan and Genevieve visits Takashi’s house.  Features one page shittily drawn on my tablet and the phrase “Gundam-themed bathroom.”

Assorted artwork, mostly drawn or colored on my tablet.