baloney sammich

This is just a small note that I have finally uploaded the Space Ghost pages to the site.  I guess I thought I uploaded them a long time ago.  Whoops. 😛

What should be the centerpiece of the website, the Council of Doom pages, are the only part that isn’t up.  I need to buckle down and work on them.  Someday~

I have also dug out my old scanner and, after much toiling and googling and cursing I have gotten it to work.  The scanner was a Christmas gift in 2012 (I think) that replaced my previous one when it broke.  I used it with my old desktop computer, which got me through all of college and then died shortly after receiving the new scanner (early 2013?)

Anyway, my new (well, 3 years old), laptop has the abomination known as Windows 8.  Epson says that the scanner is compatible with Windows 8, but the software it uses sure isn’t. 😛 I am using the generic Windows Fax utility to scan because that’s the only thing I can get to work.  I’m also trying to better learn Gimp so that I can piece my scans together and make them look nice, but it is just different enough from the old stolen Photoshop I used to use to be confusing.  It took me three hours to scan and edit one page.  Ugh.

comics yesss

Hell has frozen over: I have started drawing comics again!  Well, really, I never stopped thinking about new material, so I finally started to buckle down and start committing things to paper late last year.

I am drawing regularly again for the first time in a couple years, so I have a lot to work on in many respects.  I am doing the autobiographical stuff, which I would like to keep in primarily a print format, as well as a fictional story that I want to post online.  For right now I am reuploading some of my old material under the comics tab up above.

itazura na kiss


Look what finally arrived: the last two volumes of Itazura na Kiss! I can’t believe this day has come. I guess the last volume has been out since January, but I don’t follow manga stuff the way I used to.

Volume 10 came out in 2013, and everyone assumed that would be the last we could see of DMP’s non-porn books, but I am happily surprised. Kind of fitting, considering the way this series came to an untimely end. Now I have to go back and read it all from the beginning.

This brings the number of manga series I’m still buying back down to one: Kaze Hikaru. Will continue to google for a release date for Rose of Versailles every few months….

flute chin update!!

As promised, here’s a update on my experiment of covering the part of my flute’s lip plate that breaks me out with Tegaderm:


It’s been six days of practicing about an hour per day, and the Tegaderm is starting to peel and wrinkle, so I’ll be changing it soon. Not bad. You only need to use half the bandage at a time, so one bandage will last about two weeks. Tegaderm is sort of expensive (about $5 for 5 patches) but it’s still cheaper than the products made specifically for this sort of thing.

But does it work? I used a prescription steroid cream which I have because I have this issue with other substances besides nickel as well, and I stopped breaking out pretty much immediately. The breakout cleared up within a couple of days. It hasn’t been back! Hooray!

I hope this helps anyone who happens to stumble upon this. 😛

The cure for itchy flute chin :(

I mentioned this in my last post, but I have been playing my old nickel-plated flute since my nice new one is out for repair/adjustment.  When I played all the time in high school, I always had horrible acne on my chin. I never thought much of it because I was a teenager and had acne everywhere. 😛  After long hours of practicing at band camp my lip and chin would become itchy and swollen and bumpy but I figured this was just from overdoing it.

It wasn’t until one day in college that I took a nap between classes that I finally started to figure it out.  I fell asleep wearing my jeans and belt, and when I woke up, I found an itchy, red rash where the belt buckle came in contact with my skin.  Dr. Google diagnosed me with a nickel allergy, and suddenly it all made sense.

Anyway, I have been playing my old nickel-plated flute for about a week now, and in the last day or three my chin has become an ugly, gross, ITCHY mess.  I’m a little worried that I will continue to react to my silver-plated flute when I get it back from repair, so I’ve been googling for possible solutions.  What I’ve found so far:

  • Clear nail polish applied to the lip plate: Coating something that comes into close contact with your mouth seems like kind of a bad idea.  Plus I tried this with belt buckles and it didn’t work at all.
  • Apply a postage stamp to the lip plate: it has to be the old lick-and-stick type of stamp or else you risk damaging the lip plate.  I am too shy to go to the post office and ask specifically for these stamps.  I don’t even know if they’ll have them.  😛
  • You can buy patches for your lip plates, but these are ugly and are really meant for people who sweat a lot and have trouble preventing the flute from sliding around.  Also kind of expensive.
  • I’ve also seen accounts of people sticking a band-aid over the lip plate, but that has to interfere with playing as well as look silly, right?
  • Buy a solid silver headjoint or a headjoint with a gold lip plate.  Way out of my price range. 😛

So I came up with the idea of using a less visible bandage.  I have a bunch of Tegaderm at home because I am forever getting accidentally burned at work.  Tegaderm is sort of like sticky cling wrap.  It’s completely transparent.

I cut the Tegaderm bandage in half, lined the cut edge up with the hole in the lip plate, made sure there were no air bubbles, and then cut the edge of the bandage to fit.


It’s pretty much invisible.  All the discoloration you see is from my skin and the nickel reacting to one another over the course of a decade.  Gross.


The edge of the bandage is easier to see here, but you really have to look for it to see it.  So I hope this works!  I will see how well this works and how well the Tegaderm holds up and report back.  Maybe someone will find this helpful.