More fun with 45s

I am currently on day three of an eleven-day vacation. If I didn’t have a headache that is slowly eroding my sanity, things would be pretty great. But here’s something that will surely make me feel better: pictures of things I’ve purchased recently.

More Thrift Store 45s

More 45s from the same collection at the same thrift store.  In this batch:

Yesterday and I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles
Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
Georgy Girl by the Seekers
Rain on the Roof by the Lovin’ Spoonful

Brown-Eyed Girl is one of those things that will forever make me think of my mom.  She called it “our” song because “men only write songs about blue-eyed girls.”  I had never noticed it before, and she wasn’t completely wrong.  Granted, at the time we didn’t know the song was originally titled “Brown-Skinned Girl” and had been changed to be less controversial because sixties.  Lovin’ Spoonful makes me think of my mom, too.

My ~*setup*~

So here is my current music area. 😛  I got a new turntable a couple of weeks ago because everything sounded “off” when listening to my old one.  I did some reading online, and discovered that my old turntable was kind of a piece of junk.  I bought this one as my birthday gift to myself, and the difference is extremely noticeable.  Previously I had thought that my cheapish speakers were to blame, but the speakers are pretty great for what they are.

The CD towers are recent thrift store finds.  A fair number of the CDs are, too.  I nearly always strike out when checking thrift stores for records, but I am usually much luckier when CD hunting.  I would pull out all of my recent finds for another group photo, but pulling everything out of its designated tower slot and then putting it all back is too much work, especially when I already feel like my head is about to explode. 😛


Fun with 45s

Thrift Store 45s

So clearly the best time to go thrift shopping is immediately after a snowstorm. 😛  I got these at St. Vincent de Paul today.  Would have gotten more, but at 99 cents each, I limited myself to songs I know and like. 99 cents is the same price they charge for LPs.

Starting at the top:
Petula Clark – Don’t Sleep in the Subway
Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday
Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman and Galveston
Judy Collins – Both Sides Now
Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin
Beach Boys – Fun, Fun, Fun and Good Vibrations

These discs used to belong to a guy named Bob who cared enough about his records to number and presumably catalog them all.  You would think someone like Bob would take really good care of his records, but they’ve been rubbing up against each other in their “protective” case for the last 50 years.  I’ve only listened to Good Vibrations thus far, and the B-side (the lovely “Let’s Go Away for Awhile”) is drowned out by crackle.

There were a few more Glen Campbell and Monkees discs there.  I had just been reading about Glen Campbell this morning, so I took that as a sign that I should get a couple of his.

The case in question.  Yeah, I bought it, too.  It felt wrong to leave it behind.


And the paper insert in the bottom of the case:

Disc-Go-Case Insert

Contrary to the insert’s claims, there were several huge dust bunnies living underneath this paper. 😛

Probably not the most astounding thrift store find ever, but it made my day.  The vast majority of records (and music in general) I find at the thrift stores are religious stuff, boring Lawrence Welk-type stuff, polka, and Christmas music.   It’s primarily religious stuff, though.

Finding Good Vibrations made me almost pee my pants, even though I must own a half-dozen versions of it at this point.  I had a couple Beach Boys 45s when I was a kid, about 7 or 8.  I listened to them quite a bit, but I can’t remember which ones I had. 😛  One of them was probably Surfin’ USA. I am 95% sure I had Surfin’ USA and Surfin’ Safari. Surfin’ Safari has 409 as the B-side, and I remember being confused as to why the song from the cleaning product commercial was on this record. 😛 ANYWAY,  This was around the same time my parents, who never go to concerts or other social events, saw them live, and I was insanely jealous.  Then one day I told my friend at school that I liked the Beach Boys, and she looked at me as though I were insane.  So I stopped listening to them for about 25 years. 😛

I actually found these discs a few days after hitting the CD motherlode at Goodwill last weekend.  There was a stack of about 50 GOOD CDs that were freshly donated.  Another shopper had gotten to them first and had put about half of them pulled aside.  She was listening to all of them on her Discman, then either placing the discs in her cart or back on the stack, depending on whether she liked what she heard.

Here’s what I walked away with:

(I’ll take a photo and add it in here later, LOL:  The Kinks, Cracker, Elvis Costello, and Van Morrison)

These were all $2 each, with the Kinks set rubberbanded together.  They have been the surprise-not-really-surprise best of what I’ve listened to thus far.


My spacebar is fucked up.  It only works about 50 percent of the time, and I have to smack it pretty hard to get it to work.  Sometimes I hit it too hard and end up with two spaces.  Do you know how hard it is to type with a half-functional keyboard?  The down arrow stopped working about a year ago, too. 😛

My most recent interesting thrift store acquisition:

Music Boxes and Chiming Clocks from the Alec Templeton Collection

Just gonna copy my description from Flickr:

Alec Templeton was a blind pianist who amassed a huge collection of music boxes, many of which were recorded for this disc. This is apparently an early entry in RCA’s Living Stereo series, and it sounds pretty cool. They left in all the mechanical clicks and clacks the boxes make, and you can occasionally hear another music box tinkling in the background. 😛

I have only made it through side A because this isn’t exactly the easiest listen in the world, but this is charming as all hell.  It’s apparently the companion piece to a book.  Pretty neat.

Tonight I have been listening to old mix CDs.  Some of them are CD I made for myself back in the day.  I popped them into the computer to see what was on them.  Spoiler alert: it’s the same shit I listened to all through college.  I also dug out some of the CDs Matt made for me.  Not the older ones that I played to death, but the later ones that I didn’t like very much at the time.  Surprise, I like them more now. 😛

Have I mentioned on here that I am on a diet?  The dietitian I used to see a zillion years ago always wanted me to go on a low-carb diet and the Internet insists that keto is the best diet for women with PCOS, but it always seemed too hard to stick to.  But then I felt so shitty after my miscarriage that I knew I had to do something and finally decided to go for it.  I have lost almost 20 pounds since Thanksgiving. It’s starting to get to the point where people are noticing, and it embarrasses the hell out of me.  Tomorrow will be my three-year anniversary of starting my current job.  I have slowly lost the better part of 50 pounds since then, about half from no longer sitting on my butt at work all day, and half from not eating garbage.

Last weekend I went nuts and bought new jeans at Goodwill because I was tired of having to hike my jeans up all the time.  My old jeans were size 18s.  The new ones are 14s.  I haven’t worn a size 14 since something like the 9th grade.  Yay.  😛

Let’s Take Pride in Keystone Country. Or not.


Taking Pride in Keystone Country

I first found one of these motherfuckers at the thrift store around ten years ago.  It’s a promotional record put out by one of our local news stations.  It’s an amazing little time capsule.  I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have a record player, and I regretted not picking it up for a while after that.

I forgot about it until I found this sealed copy at the very nice Helping Hands thrift store in Tyrone.  This was my first trip there in ages, and was pleased to see what a nice store it is.  The prices are good, and the store and inventory are nice and clean.  In the half-hour I was there, several people stopped in to make donations.  It’s very close to home for me, so I have no excuse to not go back.

Taking Pride in Keystone Country (back)

Back cover with giant Altoona Mirror ad.

Taking Pride in Keystone Country Taking Pride in Keystone Country (gatefold right)

Here’s the stuff inside the gatefold.  Left side has messages from a member of the local chamber of commerce, the head of WTAJ, and Mike Reid, the most famous person from Altoona.  He was a professional football player in the 70s, and became a Grammy-award winning musician in the 80s.

I can only assume that WTAJ got Mike Reid involved in this to trick people into thinking they would hear good music when playing this record. Turns out Mike’s just the narrator.  Sneaky, sneaky. 😛

This was a promo record that was produced entirely in Nashville by a marketing company.  The songs have nothing to do with this area.  The only thing that is relevant to the area is Mike’s narration.  Oh, and the word “Keystone” in the first song.   I would imagine the company could switch out “keystone” for some other descriptor as needed.

I am going to rip the disc and post it on YouTube eventually, but I need to gather the strength to listen to this terrible music again.  😛

In the meantime, if you are local, you should watch this video of Altoona back in the day from WTAJ’s  grandpappy, WFBG:

My parents always talk about old Altoona as though it were some amazing place, but it looks mighty blighty here.  The narrator isn’t afraid to call things as he sees ’em, either.

Really, my biggest disappointment was that this record didn’t include the hit “Meet Me in Altoona.”  In the 70s, Altoona’s slogan was “Altoona Has Hustle.”  The local paper ran a weekly feature on people making a difference in the community.  The lucky recipient was dubbed Altoona’s “hustler of the week.”  What an honor.

well, HI

Trying to make another effort to do stuff on the Internet again.

The last time I posted in here was September.  September was a very eventful month for me.  I took a week off from work, and sometime during that week off, I managed to go off and get pregnant. 😛  I discovered I was pregnant at the end of September, but I wound up having a miscarriage about a week and a half later.  I am still going  back and forth from handling this well and being a total fucking mess, which I think is normal, but…yeah.

I am finally starting to draw again.  I kind of stopped after the miscarriage, but I stopped kind of functioning altogether outside of work.  I have begun watching loads of Youtube videos on various interesting topics, though, and that has reignited my desire to do stuff.  Namely, I’ve been updating my Flickr a lot.  Uploading to Flickr feels like a really lazy form of blogging.  I think it’s similar to using a platform like Instagram, but with less of that “hey-look-at-me” vibe to it, so that works for me.  I’ve been too lazy to, ya know, post the photos here with captions, but I want to do that eventually.  But the most interesting album in my Flickr is probably my thrift store stuff.  We also took a trip to the mostly-empty Sears in State College a week before it closed, so there’s that, too.

My other interesting-ish thing is that I’m actively listening to music again.  I got a record player for Christmas, and I got to dig through my parents’ records and take whatever I wanted.  My dad made me promise to bring back his Beatles records, but a) he’s never going to play them again and b) all of the discs I’ve played either skip quite a bit or are damaged to the point of being unplayable in spots.  I also have a couple Beach Boys records (Pet Sounds, which is wonderful, and Smiley Smile, which has its moments) and a bunch of early Dylan, which I haven’t listened to yet but want to give a fair shot to.  The surprise of the lot was mom’s Laura Nyro records, which I had never listened to before and grabbed on a whim.  It turns out that I adore them, and I’m working on getting more of her stuff.

I have also been getting back into my old CD and MP3 collections.  I still like some of it, but a lot of it is….not to my taste anymore. 😛  I downloaded Spotify, too.  I’m using rateyourmusic to catalog my collection and dusted off my old account for shits and giggles.

So that’s where I’ve been. 😛