Hi! This website is all about Edward Eager, author of, among other things, seven great children's' books that still entertain audiences nearly sixty years after they were first written. I was disappointed by the lack of a good, comprehensive site about these fun little books, so here goes nothing.

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11/12/16: Hello, this site has been offline for several years, but I decided it should return.  This site is here primarily in an archival state and probably contains dead links.  The only big news I know of in Eager-land is that the ugly Quentin Blake illustrations of the new paperbacks have been replaced.  The new illustrations are by a Peter Ferguson.  Half Magic has a new introduction by Alice Hoffman.  Click to enlarge:

I'm not crazy about them either, but they are much less ugly than the previous ones.  Using illustrations by anyone else but Bodecker seems disingenuous.

9/5/08: Hey. I haven't updated this site in ages, but I have reason to now. Yay. On a whim while doing database searches for something else, I typed in "Eager, Edward" and came up with an article written by Eager that I'd never previously known of:

Eager, Edward. "A Father's Minority Report."
Horn Book, March 1948, 74, 104-109.

You can also find the article reprinted in A Horn Book Sampler On Children's Books and Reading: Selected from Twenty-Five Years of the Horn Book Magazine 1924-1948, which was published in 1959. It's an interesting article in that it was written a couple of years before Eager's actual foray into writing children's books. It details his attempts in finding books to read to his son, Fritz, and comes complete with a recommended reading list (really, just a list of all the books he namedrops throughout the article). I've added said list to the reading page, though many of the books he recommends are quite obscure.

Over the summer, I received a couple of really excellent emails about this site. Just wanted to say thanks. I'm sorry I never replied; maybe now that I'm no longer working 50 hours per week and have more time to do more than just check my email once a day, I'll get around to write back. Woo.

4/7/08: This is a much prettier layout. All of the pages on this site should be converted over to this layout shortly. Little bits and pieces of information added all over the place, most notably the Nesbit information on the reading page.

I just gave into temptations and tracked down a copy of the Japanese edition of Half Magic, which comes with very cute color illustrations. It also gives me a chance to work on my poor, neglected Japanese skillz. Hope it shows up soon.

3/24/08: Mooorrre stuff added, including the reading page, information on Red Head.

3/20/08: Tons and tons of new information, especially on the biography page. Working on expanding pages on the individual books as well. This site will eventually include a recommended reading list rather than just going through the books and listing out the books Eager references in his texts. References to it are made here and there on the site, but it's not ready quite yet.

2/7/08: I've been working on this site off-and-on for two years. Here goes yet another attempt to add content to this site. I finally own the original dust-jacketed editions of all seven books, so that's as good of an incentive as any. Only took ten years. :P

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