This little page is just intended as a sampler of N.M. Bodecker's artwork, as it appears in all seven books. The first time I read these books, I probably found the art more captivating than even the stories themselves. I'd imagine the texts would lose a considerable amout of their charm without these illustrations.

These were a few of my favorites; I may rotate these out some time. We'll see. I did my best to edit these images, but the two-page spreads don't always look so hot. :P

Laura and the well
(Magic or Not?)
the kids try flying
(Seven-Day Magic)
James saves a damsel in distress
(Seven-Day Magic`)
The Plant Procession
(The Well-Wishers)
Roger, hero of the seige
(Knight's Castle)
the celebratory banquet
(Knight's Castle)
Pictures from the other books coming soon. Please don't take these images for use on other websites.


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