Nuggets of Text

Wake Up Song: One of the great Space Ghost mysteries  has always been the origin of the Wake Up Song on Cartoon Planet. According to a commenter on my YouTube post:
 Part of this song was in the movie Bowfinger.  Here is its imdb entry: "Wake Up" Written by Geoff Levin and Chris Many Performed by Geoff Levin and Chris Many Courtesy of Firstcom Music by Arrangement with Zomba Screen Music It is not available to the public
From there a quick google reveals that the song is a piece of needledrop music (like lots of the music on the show) from FirstCom music.  They describe the song as "in the style of Ethel Merman and Gene Kelly (...) Lighthearted, bouncy Broadway vocal style." You can stream the full song and instrumental versions on their website.  If you like you can even buy an entire CD of this stuff.  Ok, not anymore. I have yet to watch the movie to hear the song. :P I am so glad some person on Youtube remembers this commerical too. I'm not sure about the other websites that Space Ghost blasts here, but for a number of years would redirect you to, until it was swallowed up by the Adult Swim website.  I had the website bookmarked through because I was a nerd.  They may have also had but for some reason the whois info doesn't exist online.

Ultra Seven: Of all the stock footage and stuff from the Turner vaults that appeared on C2C and Cartoon Planet, the clips from Ultra Seven had the most "wtf" factor.  Wikipedia explains a bit about the origins of how Ultra Seven came to be featured there.  Long story short, Turner bought the rights and had the show dubbed but never aired it and sat on the show until their rights expired.  The folks at GPI utilized various clips from Turner shows, movies, cartoons, and from CNN, so when Turner lost the rights to Ultra Seven, those clips couldn't be aired.  And as we all know, rights issues are what will prevent a DVD release of Cartoon Planet from ever happening.  You can, however, watch several of the TBS dubbed Ultra Seven episodes on YouTube.

Nerd Questions

Just some things I'm curious about.  Send an email to hi.there.gina at g mail dot com if you would care to enlighten me.

I am very confused as to the broadcast history of Cartoon Planet.  I know it started out Saturday mornings on TBS.  I know it aired very early in the morning, too early for me, which is why I only saw it maaaaybe twice.  This was the long version with the TMBG theme and the various Turner cartoons still being shown.  This long version was the one that aired at 6PM nighly on CN for a time, too, right? We watched this quite a bit but I wasn't a faithful viewer of this version because by the mid-90s I had seen the old cartoons featured on CP a billion times.

Where did the 22 episodes of Cartoon Planet come from?  I had never heard of the actual episode titles until I saw them on Brak's Scrapbook, and I never saw the episode title cards until I downloaded the episodes from DAP.  These episodes are also missing the Don Kennedy commercial bumpers, and I don't think DAP would intentionally cut these because they were hilarious.  The version of the show I watched most aired Friday and Saturday nights after C2C, then I think it was cut to just Fridays. This version included just the sketches and songs, no cartoons, no title cards, but did have the Living Ghost openings, Don Kennedy bumpers, and the Beverly Hillbillies credits. 

I thought maybe the DAP release of the show was the one Adult Swim broadcast years later, but I think the DAP release predated that.  I didn't have cable at the time so I never caught the AS airings.

As far as I know, the airings of the various versions of CP look like this:
1995-? 8AM Saturday on TBS, 1 hour
1996-? 8 AM Saturday on CN, 1 hour
1996? 6 PM nightly on CN, half hour
Summer 1996-97 11:30 PM nightly on CN, half hour
1997-99 11:30 PM Friday nights at 11:30 on CN, half hour
2000 around 12:15 AM on CN. Filler sketches shown after episodes of SGC2C to pad out the half-hour
early 2000s: very early morning airings on Adult Swim, half hour

Do archives of the Ghost Planet Mailing List exist anywhere?  I subscribed very late in the game and then unsubscribed in the early days of Adult Swim.  I think it disappeared shortly after that.  If someone out there has them, I would be happy to give them a home.