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Hi!  This website has been offline for several years, but I'm putting other stuff back online after not having web space for years, so why not Slapstick, too?  I have slapped this new layout together because the old Starboy layout is really inefficient (so much scrolling) and probably looks really bad on phones and other smaller screens.  I had made a layout similar to this one circa 2010 but that one was swallowed up when my old computer died.  So here's this.

So what has happened in Home Movies land since our last update?

* Home Movies actually aired on TV for a couple of weeks!  I don't have cable but I read that it was aired at 4 AM on Adult Swim's DVR Theater for a couple of weeks.  Old fans of the show expressed their gratitude online, and some people who didn't get the humor when it first aired also expressed gratitude.  They were apparently drowned out by hordes of angry thirteen-year-olds.  Whatever.
* The whole series is out on DVD.  You can get the individual seasons or you can buy a fancy boxed set.  I still only own the first season.  I never got around to getting season 2 or 3, and I hated most of season 4 so much I can't see myself ever owning it.  I still think this is funny considering this site hosted the DVD petition and all.  The promised soundtrack DVD came with the Season 4 set.
* Loren Bouchard's new show Bob's Burgers has a bigger following than HM ever did and features many of the folks who wored on HM.  I tried to get into it, but couldn't.  I think I was hung up on the fact that the show took King of the Hill's timeslot.  I was also bothered by the fact that most of the female characters are voiced by guys.  There were plenty of funny women on HM, so what gives?  Brendon Small had Metalocalypse on Adult Swim for several seasons before it was cancelled.
* Soup 2 Nuts, the production company behind HM, shut down in 2015.
* The main three of us in the old HM fandom still mostly keep in touch.  I hate Facebook and only look at it about once a month (sup anxiety), so the other two probably keep in better touch than I do. :P Our fourth person, Brandon/Restin/Trevor, has been gone for almost a decade, which is so sad and amazing to me.
* Personally, I have two college degrees that I am still paying for but have never used.  I live with my boyfriend and I sterilize surgical instruments for a living.  Dexter, my cat and this site's semi-mascot, died in August 2016.  He was 15.  He is still my best buddy and the best kitty in the world.  I miss him so much. :(

I have gone through and updated some of the information on this page to be current-ish for 2016.  The audio clips will no longer be online.  I probably have backup copies of them stashed away somewhere, but in this age of Youtube and faster internet connections, who wants to download mp3s? Like the DVD petition, the page remains as is for LOL nostalgia purposes.  I have also gotten rid of the Comic Sans once and for all.

Finally, if anyone reading in interested, I have finally started to put my Space Ghost archive online.  I have been working on it off and on since 2006.  Space Ghost and Cartoon Planet were my first loves, pre-Adult Swim, and there is a wealth of cool stuff that has been allowed to disappear from the internet.  I have tried to preserve some of that and collect links to all the clips and content that's surfaced on Youtube recently.  When it goes up the link will be on the main page, spongecake.org.


OMG! You found me! This site has switched domains and everything had to be re-uploaded, so it's a miracle that you've even found this place. If some links don't work, don't be shocked. I'll fix them soonish. I hope.

Are any of you old-timers out there? Anyone who posted on any one of our three billion different forums? Come visit our new forum and say hi. Yes, the main group of us still keep in touch. Weird, I know.

This site is over six years old now. It's weird to think that when I started this site, I was in the eleventh grade, and now I'm about to start grad school.

And for those of you who have been visiting this site long enough to remember when I changed the layout of this site on a weekly basis, here are some gems courtesy the Wayback Machine.

March 2002, back when this was still a fan art site. I love how I have my full name as well as the disclaimer at the end. How adorable is that!

October 02 (too bad the frame with the actual menu has gone 404, this layout was neato)
February 03 (this layout was gorgeous when the images still worked)
June 03
December 03

January 04 (still online and almost completely functional. sort of a mishmash of a couple of different layouts. the squggling black version of this layout was the best.)

For extra lulz, here is Marbles circa 2003. Complete with lame splash page and "next new episode" blurb on the main page (awww).
And, better yet, the OMG your allocated Geocities transfer limit has been exceeded page. What I want to know is how people were supposed to find this in the first place. :P
More extra lulz: the Pathetic Aesthetic page, from 2003. My drawings used to suck even harder than they do now!

Old Forums:

The old Slapstick forum is very much alive. Nobody's posted in it in five years, but it's still functional.
Here's a board from 2002. Was this the first one after we abandoned the shitty EZboard?
The Marbles/Slapstick/Starboy Forum I thik this was the forum that succeeded the one that was Restin's and my favorite (the one he shit himself over when Matt talked about deleting it). That board is completely gone, but this one is still semi-functional.
I guess this board was the successor to the previous? I honestly can't remember. Too bad the threads themselves are gone.

And here is a lame personality quiz that I coded, apparently some time in 2003. Remember when these were all the rage? The best part is that the quiz still works. I am Paula, by the way.

I so wish I still had the scans of my lametastic fan art. Or even all my awesome animated gifs of Josie shoving marbles up her nose.

And, yes, I am posting all of this to procrastinate working on my thesis. See you again in two years! :D


Hello. The audio page got updated. All the mp3s are hosted here now instead of Geocities. And, um, all the stuff that's included on the Season 4 DVD is gone from the site now. What's left is a handful of song clips and a whole bunch of dialogue. You can still find the old clips if you know where to look though. :P

Made a few small updates to the wordings on the "about" page as well. Nothing earth-shattering.


Hi! As you can probably tell, the aforementioned makeover never arrived. I managed to tweak this one so that it looks good on my monitor, and I can only hope that it looks all right on yours.

The season 4 DVD is said to be released May 16, and will include a soundtrack! Tracklisting is buried in these replies at Brendon Small's myspace. Lots of said songs are posted on this site, and will be taken down once the DVD comes out, so download them while you still can, I guess. I'd assume that the songs included with the DVDs will be the full songs, not the 30-second clips, anyway. :)

This site turns four years old in a couple of days! Thanks to the 31,000 people from all over the world who have visited. :P

OH YEAH, my website has a forum now, and if you want to talk about Home Movies, feel free to stop by and start a thread. We all met through watching Home Movies (all three of us :P) and at least I still watch it from time to time.


Hi! This page will be recieving a makeover soon, probably sometime after I'm done with finals. I need to get an idea for a new layout, plus new pictures, etc. I lost most of my Home Movies images years ago, but I can grab new ones from the VCDs I made back in high school. :P I recently changed my screen resolution and this page looks AWFUL at 1280x1024. Why didn't anybody tell me? :P Plus SOMEONE kept bugging me that this site looked funny on his stupid Mac, so there. Happy now? :P

I hate to change the layout because I like this one so much. It's lasted far longer than any of the previous ones ever did, almost a year and a half. But oh well.

I read in some interview that the season 4 DVD will be out in the spring. Don't ask me to dig it up again though. :P

Here is an amusing link for you, a Japanese Home Movies fansite!  It's just a basic little fan site not unlike this one, but the animation on the front page is so...mezmerizing. :P

My life will not be complete until I've seen Home Movies dubbed into Japanese. :D  I probably wouldn't be able to follow the adventures of "Brandon" and "Coach McGuire" too well, but that's all part of the fun.  I got a kick of the garbled episode titles, too.  The first one was pretty close to the original (something along the lines of "Hands Off My Mom!" :P) but the rest are...interesting.  The "Class Trip" episode is called "Brandon Hotel" and "Therapy" is renamed "I am the King."   The Pizza Club is now called the "Buena Pizza Social Club." :P

And judging by just skimming through the pages and not knowing a whole lot of Japanese, it looks like they replace some of the American pop culture jokes with more relevant ones.

Also: some awesome-yet-frightening anime-style fan art that turned up on a google search. :P


Hey. :P Back in school, yet again. You probably already know this, but Season 3 is set to be released on DVD on November 15th.

I've been watching the first season again, and the show is funnier than I'd remembered it. I don't have cable here at school, but I do have a VCR and my tapes of the original broadcasts, from 2001-ish. Does anyone else remember when they put the "TV-PG" rating on the screen and left it there for the entire duration of the show? I do! :P I have the first season on DVD, but somehow watching my shitty VHS tapes is more fun. I think I have five or six tapes of just Home Movies. :P

And now, for some useless statistics: nearly 30,000 people have visited this site since March 2003. And over 10,000 have downloaded the mp3s. Now you know. :P

Thanks for visiting, and see you in another six months! :)


Hi there. :P Christina at NYU sends along information about an upcoming appearance/lecture thingy by Brendon Small. If you're in the area, why not check it out?

NYU Program Board Lectures Committee Presents:
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
NYU Kimmel Center - 60 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012
(type that address into maps.google.com for a pretty good area map)
Shorin Performance Studio, Room 802
8pm, doors at 7:30pm
Tickets 3 bucks for NYU students, 5 bucks for non-NYU kiddos
Advanced tickets available only to NYU students at the Ticket Central
box office. Otherwise, tickets available the day of the show at the
Ticket Central box office @ 566 LaGuardia Place, NY, NY 10012)

More info here (scroll down a bit), or e-mail Christina Fojas.

In other news, the release date for Season Two has been bumped up a couple of weeks to May 10. Joe has the cover art on the front page of his site. Starboy!

Okay, back to my midterms. :P


Happy new year. :P I recieved an email about the sound clips, so I finally got around to fixing the audio page. It should be all functional and stuff now. I updated the "about" page slightly, too.

I got the DVDs! I especially like the commentaries. I think they might have mentioned Restin in passing. I know they mentioned Joe's site. Poor Restin (and all of the other "disgruntled internet fans"). :P

The DVD set of Season Two will be released on May 10. It has been said that the sales of seasons 1 and 2 depend on whether 3 and 4 will be released. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

If you email me about this site or Home Movies in general, please put something Home Movies-related in the title, or else I will delete it. I get lots and lots of spam anymore.

In case I don't update it before then, this site is nearing its third birthday! How about that!


Hello, again. Um...the DVD is out now. I don't have it yet. I'm poor and have to wait for Christmas. Well, it's not so much that I'm poor as it is that I need food more than I need DVDs. :P But you should go buy it if you can afford DVDs and ramen noodles. Must be nice.

I don't know how many of you out there browse using Opera (probably just me :P), but now the site looks spiffy in Opera too. Opera hates transparent backgrounds. It doesn't mind fixed ones. Why didn't I think of that sooner? Good question.

For those of you looking for more HM music than what's featured here, visit myspleen.com. They have a torrent featuring lots of music from throughout the series...some of the stuff on this site (are they the same files? i have no clue. if they are, expect this plug to be replaced with a giant angry rant), plus lots of new stuff. But at any rate, I think the audio clips on this site are all done with (voices in head: no, you think so? 9_9). They will probably just end up staying on whatever server they're on at the moment. Meh.

I still get emails here and there about this site. Um...thanks, I guess. :P I like the tone of some of these emails I get, though...I think the people who visit this site are afraid of me. :P And rightfully so!

[shameless plug]If you are half as bored as I am right now (it's 4:36 in the morning as we speak :P), click the button at the bottom-left corner of your screen and visit the rest of my website. I am retarted for shoujo manga, and I draw a stupid comic thingy that you might find amusing. Everybody on the internet has a comic strip of some sort. It's true! [/shameless plug]

Um...I'll shut up now. Have a nice Thanksgiving! And a nice rest of your life! :P


Hi there. Due to more computer problems, I'm going to have to delay moving the audio clips to this domain yet again. :P The internet people have blocked FTP from the campus network, and they don't really seem to care that I can't update my website unless I use the computers at the library. Therefore, transfer of the mp3s to this domain will probably not happen until Christmastime, when I'm home again. Sorry.

If you would like to download the clips (seasons 1-3 are on Geocities and have a bandwidth limit), click here:

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Sorry about that. Also, if the formatting for this entry looks funny, that's because I'm not using Dreamweaver, just doing the HTML stuff manually. :P


Sexy new layout!!!1 This is what happens when you are trapped in your dorm room with no internet access. If the picture doesn't display correctly in your browser/resolution/whatever...sorry. Sucks to be you.

Big updates to the About page (which I seem to rewrite every four months :P), including information on the upcoming DVD release.


:) According to TVshowsonDVD.com, Home Movies DVDs will be released by a company called Shout! Factory. The first season will be a three-disc set, and will be released November 16.

I guess this means I can take the petition down. And not feel so bad for not updating it in several months.

Meanwhile, no other updates here. Surprise, surprise!


Update!!11 Granted, a crappy update, but an update nonetheless. Added a few descriptions to the episode guide. Also, I just noticed that the "about" page comes up as a 404. So I found the old version of it on fateback, and..punched it up a little, I guess.


Heh. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have sort of a legitimate excuse, though. Last week, my laptop died and I had to format my hard drive. No video files = no mp3s. I have a copy of "Bye Bye Greasy" on my other computer, so if I can get that computer to work properly, I might be able to add mp3s of those songs.

I actually watched Home Movies last night....the first time I'd actually watched it on TV since March. The Honkey Magoo episode. Have you ever seen a really bad car wreck? Where you're horrified by the sight but just can't look away? That was the feeling I had by the commercial break. :P

Regarding my last update, I still haven't gotten a job or my drivers license since coming home. But I have gained five pounds. How predictable.

Since I still haven't seen roughly half of the fourth season (maybe it's better that way :P) and my internet connection is pretty horrible, if there is a song or other clip you'd like me to make an mp3 for, leave a note in the guestbook with the name of the episode and what the clip would be comprised of. Don't send me an email, or else I'll just ignore you. :P

I've recieved a couple of emails asking for the mp3s that are listed on the old Geocities pages (like the Slapstick Barbarian clip, and maybe one other that I forget)...I've looked on every computer in my house and all the CDs I could find, and I don't have any copies of anything that isn't already on the internet. The best advice I can give you is to look for them via a filesharing program. Somebody out there in internet land might have them. Sorry.


There are two new mp3s in the audio section. jUsT 4 yOuUuUUu. <3<3<3 ^_^

There would be more, but I've been busy doing other things. I'm learning to drive and getting a job and stuff. You know, three years after practically everyone else in my age group does this stuff. Oh, well.

You can now als view this site at slapstick.nori-nori.net. I was playing with the subdirectory tool thingy the other night. Subdirectories look nicer than directories.

For now, I'm off to watch some Kodocha. Bye!


Hi, there. I'm testing out a new setup for the mp3 downloads. Click here if you'd like an mp3 from the last episode. And please read the new rules carefully.


I finally got to see the last episode this morning. Am I the only one who, at the end, just sort of stared blankly and the screen and said, "What? That was it?" :(

Yeah, I suck. I know. Shut up.


Hey, this site is over two years old now! :P I've made a whole bunch of websites over the past few years, and this is the only one that anybody has ever visited at all. :P So now that the show is all but over, I guess I should thank everyone for visiting over the years and emailing me with nice comments and putting up with my constant threats to delete this site. :P Also, thanks for stalking me. You know who you are.

Brendon Small has updated his site...he and Loren Bouchard are apparently working on setting a possible release date for DVDs and/or a soundtrack. Visit his website for more information.

I should probably take this time to mention that I plan on updating the audio section of this site considerably once the school year ends (in May! not June! May! :D) with stuff from the new season and the last half of season three. I plan on having lots of free time in the summer. Plus my internet connection is a little faster at home, so I should have better luck downloading the files from home than here at school. But I will update the audio sometime this summer, along with the rest of the site once I see the rest of the fourth season, and then I guess I can consider this site "complete" and move on with my life! Finally! ;)


It's official. Home Movies has been cancelled. Yes, again. :P You can get more detailed information on the cancellation at other websites, but I'm sure you were already there first. I...just thought I'd mention it in case I'm not the only one living underneath a rock. :P

And I've seen a couple more of the new episodes. "Bye Bye Greasy" and "Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me." I liked one okay, and I hated the other. I'm not all that disappointed that the show was cancelled. Is that bad? :P


Hi there! I've just made a couple of little tiny updates. That's all. I downloaded the "Camp" episode...it wasn't so horrible. I only felt compelled to throw my computer across the room during the musical sequences. The rest of the episode reminded me somewhat of my fun fun single solitary semester as an art major. Heh heh.

Oh, and the show may or may not be cancelled. I guess we'll find out for sure soon.


This update should have been up on Monday. But the internet connection in my dorm sucks.

I updated the FAQ! Nothing really major, just changed some of the information and some of the more awkward wordings. Oh, and I changed the colors of the page, too. I'll get around to fixing the other pages...some other time. :P

Home Movies apparently tanked in the ratings last week. Ouch. But my site has been receiving 100+ hits every day this week. I didn't really know what was causing such a big jump in the number of visitors until I looked at the front page of Joe's site. Heh.


Neat. I updated the petition just to see how many names there are on the thing, and the grand total is 225. I remember freaking out when the total was around 100 or so. :P Nice new front page (using the same old design I've been using off-and-on for the past two years! :P). I will get around to changing the colors of the rest of the site some other time. Redoing the main page is the fun part, updating the rest is boring.

Also, I re-watched "Opinion" the other day, and it wasn't so horrible after all. I'm currently downloading the other two episodes that have premiered. For the rest of you who are looking for places to download the episodes, download Soulseek and search for the episodes...a few people have them.


Yes, Hell has frozen over! :P I've noticed that more and more people are visiting this site since the new episodes started (heh, somebody's watching them! :P). This seemed like a good enough reason as any to update the content of this stupid little site and to change the layout back to the previous one. I'm glad I didn't delete this layout, because the one I did have up was fucking ugly. And hard to read. This one's ugly too, but I don't hate it as much.

Um....I don't even know why I'm even bothering to really keep this stupid website up to date. I can't even watch the show (I'm too poor to afford cable *and* internet and the DAP isn't carrying the show anymore), and the one episode of the new season that I did see (the one that they did the stealth airing of a couple of months back) was god-awful. I'm not going to go on a great big pointless rant (*cough*restin*cough*) about the show itself, but I suppose I'll keep on updating this site every six years or so. Whenever I'm bored and can't sleep. Like now.

Um...what else is there to say? Oh!

* Come and post on the forum! Or, hell, if you really want to talk to us (and...why would you want to? o_o), a few of us have a DeadJournal community. Don't join either expecting to talk about Home Movies, though. Consider yourself warned. Post about Home Movies, and we will LAUGH at you! Not with you, AT you!! :P

*Um...people are still signing the DVD petition despite the fact that it hasn't been updated since June. Heh. Among the names is one of the writers for Pitchfork. Neat. I actually read Pitchfork just about every day because I, too, am an elitist music snob.

Ok, that's all! See you in six months!


I'm going to try to recover most (if not all) of the mp3s that are missing sometime this week, as well as mess with the quality of the ones that are there now. But I'm not going to do it now, because I'm in too good of a mood to do tedious crap like that right now.

This site is Dexter Approved!


Slight little updates here & there. Including one to the FAQ. :P


I felt the need to do something to this site. So I changed the look a bit and made it purple. I like it. Not everything is finished yet (re: the fan art, FAQ, petition), but I will work on it throughout the next day or two. Most of the other pages on this site have been updated here-and-there as well. The characters page is gone...I didn't feel like going through a million video files to make pictures for said page. :P

Updated the link to Landstander's site on the links page.

Since Restin asked me so kindly to do so, here is last night's chat.

I think I need new keyboard. The spacebar only works if you hit it really hard. :P

I updated something. The schedule. That's all. No big deal.

Click here for a video clip from "Coffins and Cradles." It requires RealOne to work properly, which I don't have. I'm just getting audio.

Feh. I was going to do something with website, like maybe update the schedule or work on the pages that I lost, but...nah. Where's the fun in that? If you want an up-to-date HM website run by someone who cares, go build your own.

I might actually work on this site after the new episode airs. Hopefully, that'll renew my interest in the show.

Don't hold your breath.

Hello! Remember me? I decided to go ahead and upload this site as a subdirectory of my Portland account. As much as I liked 70megs, they're really unreliable, and Portland seems really fast. I haven't actually done any work on this site in...ages. Then again, what did you expect?

Added the "about" section. I can tell you don't really care.

More episode guide updates.

I've started working on an episode guide. It's quite difficult writing summaries off the top of your head for episodes you haven't seen in months. :P

There's now a proper page for the audio downloads. And the backgrounds on the download pages aren't black anymore!

There will be no hiatus after all! Well, at least not as long of a hiatus. A month won't kill you. Instead, HM will be moving back to Sundays (at 11 PM, not 10) beginning May 25. May 25th is also the premiere date for "Coffins and Cradles!!" I suppose I have to make up a schedule page now, don't I? :(

Here's a nice, spiffy forum. I suppose I can sort of lay claim to it, too, but I'm far too modest. :P

I was lucky enough to find a fairly recent copy of the petition cached away at google...I think it's still about twenty signatures short. You can see if your name's still on it by clicking here.

Hello. Here's a nice new front page. I'm slowly working on rebuilding the rest of the website. Which is just as much fun as it sounds. The only pages that are up are the Links and the Guestbook. I shall try to have the petition up...someday. I should still have all of the original emails. I never delete anything (purposefully, that is -_-).

What? Don't look at me like that! I had a marginally decent day, so I thought I'd be the nice, considerate person I can occasionally be and re-upload this thing. Yeah, I was bored. But Fateback's constantly down anyway, so it doesn't really matter all that much, now, does it? This site's still sort of in limbo. The more I think about it, the more I don't think I want to be completely through with it, but at the same time, I really don't know what else there is to do to it. Oh, yes, and Happy Valentine's Day. >:(

I sort of want to make a new version of the quiz. I'm not exactly sure what happened to it, but it's disappeared.


Big-ass petition update! Yay!


This might be the best HM picture I've ever drawn. I got some new markers with what was left of my Christmas money, and drew a bunch of crappy little pictures. I love the despondent look on his face and how the expensive markers I used made the cheap ballpoint pen bleed all over the place... :)


Almost finished. Hopefully, I'll finish everything up this weekend. Once Monday rolls around, I know I won't feel like working on this thing. Then I'm going to more-or-less let this site die and rot and shrivel up until the new episodes roll around or something else of interest happens.

This site's almost a year old! I'm *pretty* sure I started the original fan art site on or around last Feb. 18. Send presents!


I've watched two episode of Home Movies in the last three months. I get the feeling I should've used the pretty pink website for my own characters. Oh, well. What's done is done. The way I'm redoing the graphics on this site is so that I won't want to redesign it or change the oh-so-manly color scheme. Good thing, isn't it?

I would like to announce my newest pet peeve: people who quote cartoons. INCESSANTLY. I blame the internet.


I keep trying to update/modify/redo pages on this site, but keep getting frustrated and deleting them. This entire website (except the main page and all the different color schemes and framesets) has looked essentially the same since I started it nearly a year ago. I want to delete the entire site and start all over again. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? After putting a lot of thought/work into this (I'm sitting here and talking to myself, fyi), I really want the whole thing to be up by Feb. 12, a date that has absolutely no significance, except for the fact that it's Dexter's birthday. Yeah, I'm a little strange.


Hi!! I got bored after school today. So I decided to do something to this site. So, there. I did something. Don't expect me to do much of anything else for a while. My definition of "updating my website" is deforming the front page and changing the colors on the other pages to match. I should update the schedule and get rid of those grainy pictures on the episode guide, but I won't. I'll just sit here and bitch that I have nothing to do.

Since the forum died a horrible, horrible death but people still occasionally ask me what happened to it (it's still up, by the way), I stuck a tagboard on the front page. Kindly deposit your mindless banter inside. Those of you who are too lazy to sign the guestbook can pay your respects there, instead. :P

I pasted some of the old updates on this update log thingy so it wouldn't look so lonely. :P


Hey, do me a favor! Go here and then drop me a line in the guestbook! I know this is a blatant plug, but I don't care. I've been listening to a playlist of exactly 91 Quasi songs for the last ten hours, and built this nice, new version of the Pathetic Aesthetic page while under the influence of roxichords and monkeys and ghosts and vampires and the like. So go visit it!!! Please?


McGuirk from the forums sends along this image from the marketing department at Scholastic. You'll like it, I promise. Enjoy.


I keep dating all of the updates on this page as being from last year. Lol!
*dodges impending assault from Brandon* :D

Anyway, visit the season 3 episode guide, and scroll alllll the way down. "Coffins & Cradles" finally has a plot. As soon as I read it, I pointed and laughed, "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!"