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Note from the future: The bulk of this page was written 10+ years ago.  I have made updates for 2016 here and there.

Basic series premise/info/whatever:
Brendon Small is eight years old. He has two friends, a mother, a sister, a father, a stepmother, and a soccer coach. And he makes movies. Sometimes they reflect what's going on in his life, sometimes they don't. That's really just about all you need to know.

What makes this show fun is that, at least in its first season, all of the dialogue is completely ad-libbed. Subsequent seasons had more scripting, but are still more original than pretty much everything else on TV. Unfortunately, most TV viewers aren't particularly interested in originality.

"Home Movies" was created for UPN. The network wanted a show about a single mother told from her child's point of view. The first five episodes of the series aired in the spring of 1999, after which UPN cancelled the show, citing a lack of male viewers for a show that was initially created to draw in female viewers.

Cartoon Network picked up the show in 2000, and put it back into production. It premiered on Adult Swim in September of 2001, and was cancelled in the spring of 2004 due to low ratings. There are four seasons total, spanning 52 episodes.

HM was produced by Soup2Nuts, formerly known as Tom Snyder Productions. You may also be familiar with their other series: Dr. Katz, Science Court, Hey Monie, and more. 2016 update: Soup2Nuts was acquired by Scholastic in 2001.  Scholastic closed Soup2Nuts as part of restructuring in 2015.

When will season 3+ air in (insert country name here)? When does/will the show air in (insert country name here)?
I don't know. I have no clue as to when or even if Home Movies airs in other countries, let alone whether or not it's currently airing in the US. Sorry. Try Google.

Where can I buy Home Movies merchandise? How about DVDs?
You can buy Home Movies t-shirts and caps at the Soup2Nuts website. I think Hot Topic used to sell stuff, too.

All four seasons of the show are now available on R1 DVD. Each season comes as a three-disc set, and includes lots of extras and commentaries and junk like that. Each season retails for around $35.

A couple of years ago, we were told there would be a soundtrack, but nothing ever materialized. Instead, the Season 4 DVD includes a bonus CD of music from the show. The full songs, not the little 30-second clips I used to offer for download here.

2016 update: Home Movies DVDs are still available, but the other merchandise mentioned here is not.  You can buy the series as individual seasons, or as a boxed set.  You can easily find them for purchase online.

Can I borrow the images/sounds/information on your site and use them on mine?
Nope, sorry. I've had the content of my site stolen/manipulated by other people for their own sites way too many times as it is, which is why the new version of this site has virtually no graphics on it whatsoever. Feel free to take anything on this site for your own personal use, but not on a website.

About this site:
This site has been around since February 2002. It was originally just one page of my extremely crappy fan art. A month or so later, it magically turned into a full-blown fansite with an episode guide and a schedule and everything else. I started the sound clip thing sometime that summer, I think, and that was right around when Slapstick changed from "the fan art site" to "the sound clip site." :P

Please note: this site may not be updated on a regular basis, but there isn't exactly too much to report on these days as it is. So please don't ask if you can take this site over or be my co-webmaster. Any emails of this nature will not be replied to, but they will be publicly LOLed at.

2016 update: This site has been offline for a couple of years, but when I purchased new web space, I decided to put this site and a couple of others back online.  Keep the weird emails and creepy facebook messages coming!