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Updated 11/12/16: None of the links below work.  This page is only here for archive/nostalgia purposes.

This page includes the pieces of music not included with the Season 4 DVD, plus a whole bunch of dialogue clips. I don't have a ton of bandwidth, so please don't go on a crazy downloading spree here. Thanks. :P

Please don't email me with requests as I am no longer able to make audio clips.

"I Don't Do Well at Parent-Teacher Conferences"
The Monster Movie!
McGuirk "beats up" Lynch

"The Art of the Sucker Punch"
Brendon and Jason's Fight

"Director's Cut"
Jason's Ears are Bleeding
Lunch Break!

"It Was Supposed to be Funny"

"Brendon's Choice"
End Title (not named in credits)

Shannon's Song (not named in credits)

"Class Trip"
"Bus Guitar Theme"

"Writer's Block"
The "We Hate Fenton" Poem

Shore Leave
Walkie-Talkie Test

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Working on the Kitchen
Jason's Parents are Divorcing

Bad Influences
Lynch's Mustache
USA? No way!

Improving Your Life Thru Improv
McGuirk's Impressions

My Cheatin' Heart
McGuirk used to play golf...
Melissa and McGuirk discuss "Cast Away"

Talkies or Silent Movies?
We can do it!

Storm Warning
McGuirk consoles Josie
Jason's conversation with his mom

Focus Grill
"the" speech :P