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Season One

1. Get Away from My Mom
Brendon's mom goes on a date with his soccer coach.
4/26/99 (UPN)
2. I Don't Do Well at Parent-Teacher Conferences
Brendon struggles with his schoolwork, and Paula struggles with the ensuing parent-teacher conference.
5/3/99 (UPN)
3. The Art of the Sucker Punch
Shannon, the neighborhood bully, picks on Jason. Brendon seeks revenge.
5/10/99 (UPN)
4. Brendon Gets Rabies
Thanks to Brendon, his neighbors' cat becomes rabid.
5/17/99 (UPN)
5. Yoko
Brendon gets a girlfriend, only to be dumped soon afterward. McGuirk drinks pee.
5/24/99 (UPN)
6. Director's Cut
Duane and Brendon experience creative differences. McGuirk is upstaged by his new assistant coach.
7. It Was Supposed to be Funny
Erik commissions Brendon to make a documentary about his father, but the film only makes pottery out of his life.
8. Method of Acting
Brendon gets kicked out of acting lessons, and Paula makes out with one of her students. McGuirk tries to win a hovercraft.
9. Life Through a Fisheye Lens
Brendon hits Paula up for money to buy a fisheye lens. Paula, in turn, asks her parents for financial help. Coach advises the team to cheat.
10. School Nurse
The school hires a new nurse, pursued by both Jason and Coach McGuirk. Brendon tries to fake sick.
11. Mortgages and Marbles
Brendon makes an educational film in an attempt for extra credit. Erik and McGuirk go house hunting.
12. Law & Boarder
Paula's friend Stephanie pays a visit, and Brendon is faulted for an accident in which he is injured
13. Brendon's Choice
Brendon, Jason, and Melissa are interviewed after receiving an award for a movie. Brendon realizes he knows almost nothing about his father. McGuirk attends anger management therapy.


Season Two
14. Politics
Brendon runs for class president, Paula gets flowers, and McGuirk tries stand-up.
15. Identifying a Body
Brendon and McGuirk go on a road trip, and well...identify a body. Paula asks her boss for a raise.
16. Hiatus
Paula gets fired, McGuirk and Lynch visit Mexico, and Brendon meets Cynthia.
17. Business and Pleasure
Jason tries to bribe Brendon for bigger roles in the movies. Erik helps Paula look for a new job. McGuirk suspects that Brendon is on drugs.
18. The Party
The kids attend Fenton's birthday party. So does Coach McGuirk. Jason is addicted to candy.
19. Impressions
Brendon, Paula, and McGuirk get caught in lies.
20. Dad
Brendon finally meets his father..and his bitchy future stepmother.
21. Therapy
Brendon, Linda, and Andrew attend therapy in an attempt to get along. McGuirk has gingivitis!
22. Class Trip
The class takes a trip to a hotel, where Brendon decides to film scenes for his latest movie. McGuirk gets a second job.
23. History
Brendon is too preoccupied with his films to care about his slipping grades.
24. Writer's Block
Brendon has a case of writer's block, just in time for the Writer's Fair. Paula writes a novel, and McGuirk has insomnia.
25. Pizza Club
McGuirk is jealous when Brendon and Andrew form a father-son pizza club. Paula wants a role in Brendon's movies.
26. The Wedding
Brendon has a rash, McGuirk and Stephanie meet, and Paula gets her job back. Andrew and Linda get married, too.



Season Three
27. Shore Leave
Melissa joins the Fairy Princesses, and Brendon spends the weekend with Fenton.
28. Breaking Up is Hard to Do
A fire destroys the Smalls' kitchen. Paula's parents are seperating.
29. Bad Influence
Brendon and Jason decide to end their friendship when they discover that they are fat enablers. McGuirk and Lynch go on a double date.
30. Improving Your Life Through Improv
The kids attend a sensitivity seminar. Paula wins a home video contest.
31. Four's Company
Melissa has a boyfriend. Brendon is jealous. McGuirk wants to have dinner with Lynch, Paula, and Erik.
32. Renaissance
Brendon and company perform at the Renaissance fair.
33. My Cheatin' Heart
Brendon films a backwards movie and cheats at golf.
34. Guitarmageddon
Brendon, Melissa, and Jason start a band. Duane enters a guitar-playing contest.
35. Storm Warning
Brendon, Jason, and Melissa can't decide if they want to make a mockumentary, a mockumentary of a mockumentary, or if they want to make movie history. McGuirk wants Paula to pretend to be his fiancee. Paula tries to deliver a manuscript to her agent during a dangerous storm.
36. Time to Pay the Price
The kids are forced to spend time in the prison one of their teachers used to work in. Paula discovers a recurring theme in Brendon's movies.
37. Broken Dreams
McGuirk becomes a lifeguard, and Brendon feels intellectually inferior to Melissa. Oh, and broken arms. Lots of broken arms.
38. Stow-A-Way
Brendon convinces Jason and Melissa to run away with him to Europe, where they will be better appreciated. McGuirk and a financial expert go gambling.
39. Coffins and Cradles
It's Halloween. McGuirk is having a heart attack. Linda is in labor. Lynch is a kitty-cat. Meow meow.


Season Four
40. Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion
Brendon writes reviews for a movie website.
41. Camp
The kids go to a performing arts camp. McGuirk is on the run from a cult.
42. Bye Bye Greasy
It's time for the school musical. Chaos ensues.
43. The Heart Smashers 2/1/04
44. Psyche-Delicate 2/8/04
45. Curses 2/15/04
46. The Wizard's Baker 2/22/04
47. Honkey Magoo 2/29/04
48. Those Bitches Tried to Cheat Me
Everyone cheats at....stuff. :P
49. Cho and the Adventures of Amy Lee
Brendon screws over a star soccer player's perfect season, McGuirk rediscovers his past as a Scottish highland dancer. o_O
50. Definite Possible Murder
I've never seen this one, but I have it on good authority that it's god-awful. :P Actually, I've never seen a large chunk of this season.
51. Temporary Blindness
McGuirk has laser eye surgery; the kids have to complete a family tree assignment.
52. Focus Grill
The kids test their movies before a focus group; McGuirk helps Paula assemble a grill.