This blog is a project I have been planning for several months now and am just starting to work on.

I have been watching Unsolved Mysteries since the late 80s and consider myself a pretty big fan.  A few months ago I broke down and bought the big 150-episode bootleg set that you can buy online.  I am having fun watching these immaculate-quality NBC recordings and thought I’d make a blog about it. 😛


I also have most of the Crystaldawn discs that have made the rounds online, most of the First Look DVD sets, and some home recordings.

Anyway, my aim here is not really to discuss the cases in depth, as there are lots of places online where you can do that now.  I want to talk more about the show itself: the bad acting, the creepy reenactments, the freaky composite sketches, interesting facts, etc.  I want to talk about the rare segments that never made it to Lifetime and haven’t been seen in 25 years.  I reserve the right to post beefcake photos of Robert Stack.

hey bb
hey bb

I’m going to do my best to go in chronological order with the episodes, but this may prove difficult as I know at least a few of the dates the seller assigned to episodes are wrong.  It’ll all work out, though.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope this blog doesn’t suck. 😛

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