This just in: You can now download/stream PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED Farina segments from Amazon. They show up as “Season 5.”

Like…who asked for this? 😛 And why have the powers that be hung onto these episodes/segments/whatever for so long? I mean, this version of the show is almost 10 years old and Dennis Farina has been dead for almost three years. The Farina UM is on at least a couple times a day on Escape and I think it’s still on Lifetime (their 8 AM death slot), so why not add these “lost” episodes to the rest to provide a little more variety?

I know Dennis Farina gets shit on a lot because his version of the show isn’t very good, but he seems like he was actually a pretty cool dude. Behold:

Though, after watching this, maybe whoever wrote Farina’s copy for UM should have slipped some f-words in here and there to make his narration a little less wooden. 😛


This was apparently one of his last roles. Back when Family Guy was semi-watchable. I guess. Anyway, this aired on TV long after he died. My boyfriend told me about it the next day. He still quotes it sometimes. One to go out on for sure, right?