Stack is back B)

Soooo the long-awaited Season 1 of the original Stack UM is up for viewing on Amazon.  I still don’t have prime so I ain’t watchin, but it’s there!  If you are a mega internet super nerd, be aware of two things:

  1.  Some of the episodes are chopped up, meaning that segments have been moved around and/or removed.  Some of the removed segments make sense as they were never reaired for various reasons on Lifetime (legal troubles, the Gulf Breeze hoax mess, and so on), but some seem arbitrary.  Maybe they’ll show up later on?
  2. Some of the segments have been edited.  Namely, I guess anything involving references to the hotline?  I haven’t watched yet so I can’t say how obvious the cuts are.  But if you are one who is bothered by edited/rearranged episodes (hell, we watched em on Lifetime for years) the good folks on the UM Board are compiling an episode guide for the streaming episodes.

But, yeah, nerd stuff aside, the Stack episodes are on their way back!  Yay!

I made this and it made me laugh for ten straight minutes.  It’s 3 AM.

Meanwhile, I am working on the post for Special #1 and should have it up by the end of the week!!!

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