Another Update

Hooray, another solved case!  This was one of the handful of Does UM covered.  She is known in various places online as Andrea Doe, Huntington Beach Jane Doe, or on the UM Wiki as 1990 Jane Doe.  Here is her composite sketch as featured on UM:

The poor girl was struck and killed while trying to cross a busy highway and has been unidentified for almost 30 years.  Notably the UM segment mentioned among her belongings a hotel key (hotel unknown) and a ring made of human hair.

This case has been discussed extensively on Websleuths and Reddit.  It is believed that the doe gave her name as Andrea.  Folks have come forward who believe they knew her but never learned or can’t recall her real name or past.  Carl K. from Websleuths created a new composite:

Anyway, news broke yesterday that Andrea has been identified, but no other information has been released at this time.  Hopefully we get to learn a little more about this girl.  There was some speculation that she was from a runaway from a well-to-do family (thus the extensive dental work but clothes from Goodwill), but for now it’s impossible to say.  It seems likely that she was never reported missing.

It is worth mentioning that Andrea’s case was profiled in the same segment as that of Dana Point Jane Doe, who was identified in 2015 as Holly Glynn.  The third case featured in this segment, the mysterious Sumter County Does, is the only one still unsolved of the three.

I wish UM had covered more doe cases.  They have become one of my favorite types of cases to read about and research.

Update: Authorities have since identified her as Andrea Kuiper, originally from Fairfax, Virginia.  As you can see, the composites didn’t do her much justice.

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