Update Time!

I am so lazy. 🙁 I have neglected this blog for almost three months! Nobody even reads this blog, yet I still feel badly about it. 😛

Anyway, some news:

The first four seasons of UM have been released on Amazon Prime.  The segments are still edited and/or rearranged.  Many have not shown up yet at all.  Folks on the UM board have detailed lists of which segments are and are not included in this release.

For those of us who do not have Prime, the FilmRise app has the first three seasons available for free viewing (with commercials).  I have watched a bunch of these episodes and have come to the conclusion that while this is really cool to have for free and some rare segments do pop up here and there, nothing replaces my bootlegs. 😛

Cosgrove and Meurer did an AMA on r/UnresolvedMysteries and it was the lame, puff-piece type of affair we have come to expect from CMP.  Meh.  By far the most interesting tidbit to come to light:

Someone sent their mother’s lung to us in the mail.  He believed his mother had been murdered, and he wanted us to send the lung out for testing.

Also interesting: the fact that one of the fugitives profiled on the show was present for the filming of his UM segment, but they don’t say who this was.  No one on the crew had seen the man’s photograph yet.

They also mention (not by name) that the Gulf Breeze UFO story was a hoax and that they were duped, LOL.

And now for updates to UM cases!

Amazingly, a person of interest has been named in the murder of Jennifer Odom, whose story was profiled in the psychic Nancy Myer segment.  Plus another woman has come forward stating that this guy attempted to abduct her around the same time that Jennifer was killed.

News broke yesterday that cult leader, child abuser, slave driver, fashion designer, and all-around creep Tony Alamo died in prison.  My boyfriend read the news headline aloud to me, then asked, “where have I heard that name before?” I started describing and quoting his UM segment (“you sorry weasel!”) and it all came back to him.  I am pretty sure this segment won’t make it to the new Prime version and that is such a shame.  It’s a classic.

Dude hasn’t aged well, has he?